Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What exactly am I doing with this blog?

The title of this page sounds a bit cryptic.

Basically I'm a woman learning a lot of truths and I wanted to share them. It's probably a hideous notion - everyone's trying to say something clever and to stand out from the crowd aren't they? There are blogs everywhere right?

I've come to realise that for every event in life there are as many truths as there were people involved. There is no one truth, except the one truth which we have to live with ourselves. So all I wanted to do here was to present some of my versions of what's really happening in life from what I've managed to experience of it and see if anyone wants to help me make sense out of it. Feel free to comment and to email etc if I'm talking complete rubbish or if you agree with any of my contentions (when I get round to posting them).

Anyway if you want to send me anything to put on here please email me and I'll gladly add anything which I think is a good piece (whether or not I agree with it personally) if it's providing some kind of truth about the world...


  1. Hi, Here's a truth which I wish to share. Reproductive rights have two dimensions, both involve a woman's freedom of choice, either way birth-control OR birth. Each has value and should be respected as a basic human right. Sadly not under China's male-dominated regime, as apparent from an article which discussed an issue I had not heard of before and wanted to share..it's a hot topic but with a little patience in reading I learned a lot..here's the link


  2. Dear Prudence,
    Won't you come out to play? Thanks for your writing. It helped me--I was raped, too.
    Also, have you thought of bdsm as a way to heal? I only bring it up because of the fact that your story was actually pretty steamy...in places...The safe thing about playing is that you set the rules beforehand and both (or more) players agree to them. And therefore to create a safe, consensual space for yourself and your partners/playmates to help you along on your healing journey.

  3. Hi Anonymous. I'm glad you say it's helped you to read my posts here. Maybe you can leave your name (even a false one) here next time you visit so we can have a proper chat?

    I'm probably being really thick, but what did you mean by "bdsm"? Sado masochism?

    I have quite an open attitude to these things and I do indulge my preferences now I'm in a healty and open relationship. Although I still find it very difficult to know sometimes whether I'm doing what I actually want to do or whether I'm just good at going along with things.

    Might you have come here from Psychologies?